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What do we offer?

We have programmes for all ages.

Warrior Tots (4 - 7 years)

Does your child need a supportive, educational and fun activity?

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Warrior Kids (8 - 12 years)

Give your child the lifelong gift of personal success, confidence, discipline and safety!!

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Warrior Teens (13+ years)

Don’t give into their moodiness and attitude, bring them to our Martial Arts academy!

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Welcome to the World of Warrior

Discover the path to self-confidence with martial arts in Stoke on Trent at Warrior Taekwondo, the perfect martial arts school for both adults and children.

At Warrior Taekwondo, we're passionately dedicated to your martial arts journey. Our mission is to help you or your children harness the power of Taekwondo in Stoke on Trent, instilling a sense of confidence and strength that extends beyond our sessions.

Our expert instructors are approachable, attentive, and results-oriented, always prepared to understand and help you achieve your unique goals. Martial arts for children at our school is designed with an emphasis on safety, inclusivity, and fun, promoting growth in a positive and nurturing environment.

Experience a martial arts journey that is transformative, rewarding, and uniquely tailored to your goals. Feel the Warrior Taekwondo difference, where finding the perfect martial arts school in Stoke on Trent is not a task, but an exciting adventure!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is our teaching philosophy and approach?

Our teaching philosophy focuses on empowering students to lead confident lives in a positive, inclusive, and safe environment, fostering personal growth, teamwork, and mutual respect.

What are our qualifications?

Our highly experienced instructors have certifications and training specifically tailored to teaching martial arts to children, ensuring a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

How do we cater for different ages, skill and ability?

We offer programs like Warrior Tots (4-7 years), Warrior Kidz (8-12 years), and Warrior Seniors (13+ years) | tailored to students' specific needs, with a belt ranking system for progression.

What safety measures are in place?

We prioritize safety by providing a secure environment, emphasizing proper techniques, and maintaining clean facilities. Instructors are trained in first aid and emergency response procedures.

How do we foster character development and instil values?

We emphasize values such as respect, discipline, and self-confidence, incorporating character-building activities and discussions into our sessions to reinforce essential life skills.

Can parents observe and how is communication maintained?

Parents can observe classes, and communication is maintained through text, emails, social media, and in-person meetings. Regular updates on progress and any concerns are shared with parents.

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